Get the most from Inn Style's Booking Engine

With over a decade of experience of customers utilising our booking engine, we’ve put together some best practices to get the most out of our engine. We recommend you implement all of the below functionality on your website to give your potential bookers multiple routes to enter the booking journey, achieve higher conversion rates and generate you more revenue. 

IBE calendar

View a live demo of our IBE in action…

Direct Bookings

Enquiry View

Let guests book on landing with Enquiry View...

When a guest lands on your website already intent on booking, we believe in giving them the ability to easily and quickly check availability at your accommodation. 

Utilise our enquiry view in or under your home page banner so that guests can immediately convert through the booking journey. Have a look below how it looks in action…

Welcome to Cabin Retreats
A truly unforgettable stay...
When are you looking to visit?
Increase your bookers' entry points with a few lines of code...

Our game is direct bookings because we put our customers’ revenue first, so we’ve made embedding our Enquiry View as easy as possible.

Simply copy the code opposite, ensuring you change the accommodation name to your own and you’re away!


					<script src="https://developer.innstyle.co.uk/calendar.js"></script>
<script>InnStyle('SUBDOMAIN HERE',{custom_enquiry_page: true, datepicker: 'only'})</script>
calendar icon

Calendar View

Utilise Calendar View to give guests another opportunity...

We’re still on your websites home page and your booker has continued to find out a bit more about your property…

Easily embed your accommodations’ full availability calendar towards the bottom of your home page to give your soon-to-be guest the chance to view availability for the month and get them converted! See the accommodation calendar in action below…. 

					<script src="https://developer.innstyle.co.uk/calendar.min.js"></script>
<script>InnStyle('SUBDOMAIN HERE', { policy: 'hide', datepicker: "only" })</script>
It's all about direct bookings with Inn Style...

We want your guests to find their way into the booking journey as easily as possible which is why proving an additional route on your website’s home page is a must have…

We’ve also made it as easy as possible for you to embed with the simple code snippet opposite, don’t forget to update your accommodation name!

Drag Drop Bookings 1

Single Unit Calendar

Convert bookers on your individual unit pages...

Ok, the guest has had a good browse of your home page but now wants to look at your individual units on their pages.

At this point Inn Style’s intuitive booking engine really starts to come into it’s own. Easily embed the calendar for the unit on your specific website page to give them another opportunity to convert. 

cabin 1
Room description

Escape to the secluded charm of Hilltop Hideaway, where panoramic vistas and luxurious comfort await. Perched atop a scenic hill, this elegant cabin offers a serene retreat for couples seeking tranquility and romance. Unwind in the spacious living area, adorned with stylish décor and expansive windows framing sweeping views of the landscape. The plush king-size bed ensures a restful night’s sleep, while the ensuite bathroom with a rain shower provides ultimate relaxation.

					<script src="https://developer.innstyle.co.uk/calendar.min.js"></script>
<script>InnStyle('SUBDOMAIN HERE',{bookable: 'BOOKABLE ID HERE'})</script>
Let your website do the converting for you...

This unique setup allows you to convert on your accommodation on a whole or within specific units. You can set it up to sit the full width your page, or utilise it aligned to one side within a column to maximise conversion rates

We’ve provided you with the code opposite for our favourite implementation (shown above).  This is controlled by passing in the relevant id bookable_id=12345.


Essential Add-ons

Add-On features we know will increase conversion rate and revenue at your accommodation...

Do you want to convert more and access additional revenue? Good! That’s what we want for you too…

Utlise the below features across your website with Inn Style’s booking engine and watch the bookings come in. If you need any assistance with these features, our amazing support team will be on hand to assist every step of the way…

Waiting List

 If you’re fully booked, this feature gives the guest the ability to complete a form to join a waiting list.

Learn more about the Waiting List feature here.

waitlists 1

Gift Vouchers

Boost your revenue with the Gift Voucher extension. Guests can easily buy and redeem vouchers on your website.

Learn more about the Gift Vouchers feature here.

Gift Vouchers 4

Book Now!

Increase the booking journey entry points on your website by allowing guests to click through in both your website header and footer.

Learn more about the “Book Now” button here.

book now

Optional Extras

Make it easy for your guests to add additional products and services to their stay at your B&B with optional extras.

Learn more about the Optional Extras feature here.

Optional extras 1


Build booker confidence by showing your latest reviews and let your guests do the talking on your website.

Learn more about the Reviews feature here.

reviews 1


Hand pick your favourites guest reviews and show them on your website within the booking journey using testimonials.

Learn more about Testimonials feature here.

testimonials 1


Everyone loves a special offer. Setting up a Promo for quieter months or days of the week will entice your guests to book.

Learn more about the Promos feature here.


Secret Codes

Secret closures allow you to create a specific rate with a unique secret code that only allows the guests with the code to book.

Learn more about the Secret Codes feature here.

secret codes


Use eye-catchers for anything you want to promote to your guests, such as selling gift vouchers or advertising upcoming events.

Learn more about the Eye-Catchers feature here.



Let guests communicate easily and instantly directly from the booking journey with our WhatsApp integration.

Learn more about the WhatsApp integration here.



Say goodbye to phone calls from lost guests as What3Words provides your exact location to within three square meters. 

Learn more about the What3Words integration here.


Google Analytics

Attribute where your bookings are coming from to enable improved targeted marketing with our Google Analytics 4 integration.

Learn more about the GA4 Integration here.


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